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Introducing Bighouse ...

Welcome to Bighouse

Happily nestled

Between the high cedar trees

And the bubbling burn, is where

Bighouse had always sat.

Reached only

By the winding drive,

Passing under the arches

Of horse chestnut, oak

And copper beech.

As the Northumberland spring

Slowly gave way to summer,

Eternal rivals, light and shade,

Danced between the trees.

Later, a vast golden carpet would be laid

To say goodbye to autumn.

Come wintertime,

Layer upon layer of silence would fall.

And the memories of long, long summer evenings,

And the crackling of bonfires,

Sending blue grey-smoke rising

High into the still skies,

Were so sustaining.

Crow had the best view of all.

Sitting in the tallest tree,

Looking down at the

Sandstone and terracotta brick

Of Bighouse. Set in the centre of

A patchwork of lawns, gardens,

Paddocks and tiny cottages,

Through which

A child


(From Bighouse first published 2014)




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