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Poems from 'Transcapes' Watchers

Updated: Jun 28


When the Traveller shouts

“Is there anybody there?”

We’ll hide from the gaze

Of Mr De la Mare.

For we are friends of The Listeners

Who you know from

Once before

And we also see the traveller

Knocking on the moonlit door.

And is there anybody there?

The same thing asked once more.

Yes, there are The Watchers

In the trees and leaves

Of old landlore.

And when you come here

We will watch you explore

The woodlands ways

And forests ferny floor …

We’ll stare you out

Until it is time

For you,

Just like the Traveller,

To bother us

No more.

(After 'The Listeners' by Walter de la Mare)

(c) Barry Hall

Transcapes - Poems from the place where Dere Street and the Lead Road cross

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