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Poems from 'Transcapes' The Lynn Burn

Updated: Jun 28


From beginning to end,

The Lynn Burn draws the line.

And you will find yourself

On one side or the other.

Rain is her come-day, go-day caller:

Unpredictable and wildly efficacious.

He can make her glow,

Then fume in torrents of rage.

He too can be mischievous.

In the woods she gathers Oldghosts.

They chatter day and night,

You try to eavesdrop

But they are always upstream

A step ahead and

Around the next bend.

They load the darkness

With disconcerting laughter.

She speaks in complicated riddles,

Hatching her plans, whispering her secrets.

Yet, when the sun shines, she settles,

And gently pours out her heart.

She is reflective, mesmerising,

Bewitching and transparent,

These are the good days.

How many good days yet to go?

(c) Barry Hall

Transcapes - Poems from the place where Dere Street and the Lead Road cross

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