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Poems from 'Transcapes' UP-HILL Again

Updated: Jun 28


Yes, the journey took the whole long day

And it was up-hill to the end.

It climbed and woundround all the way.

You must be tired my friend

I battled through the cold and dark

To glimpse the inn that night.

They say you always find the mark.

Yet some don’t see the light.

I’m with the other travellers now

Who walked ahead of me.

I was welcomed here with open arms.

You worried for nothing, you see.

Now I rest and gain the strength

To reflect upon the day.

And realise for the journeys length …

I was with you all the way.

(After 'UP-HILL' by Christina G. Rossetti)

Transcapes - Poems from the place where Dere Street and the Lead Road cross

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