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Poems from 'Transcapes' Waiting Too

Updated: Jun 28


I know you still wander

To the Lynn Burn,

Then along Dere Street

And there are no more friends or countrymen

Headed north and south

To greet.

I know the short summers passed

All too soon

And the fortified winters dragged.

Days strewn with memories

Of the heat in the fields

On ideal afternoons.

I know you can see me

When you choose.

But you hide in your ides and calends,

Afraid of missing the clues.

And I have no news

Of use to you.

I know you were watching,

When lines of Lead Men,

Were dutifully passing through.

They had no time for reflections,

Or the questions

That you seek answers to.

I know you are waiting.

Patiently waiting.

You know

I am

Waiting too …

Transcapes - Poems from the place where Dere Street and the Lead Road cross

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