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Poems from 'Transcapes' Smithereens

Updated: Jun 28


Sift the dust

Of its old bones and lost gold

The traces of fine garments

That flesh once

So desired and caressed.

Feel in the grains,

The pulsating guts

So preciously nourished

Or perhaps lovingly

Served and shared.

Catch the screams

Of mourning and the newborn,

The panting ponies,

Passing legions

And the heaving,

Failing lungs of leadmen.

Listen to laughter from their days

Or soft sighs from their nights

Count the heartbeats

Down and down.

Sense them all

Put their pieces together

And know them just as they know you.

As you boxfile their mortality,

Your essence distils,

Drop by drop,

Into the universal tincture

Which everyone

In the end

Calls Home

(c) Barry Hall

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