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Poems from 'Transcapes' Perfection

Updated: Jun 28


Just visible under the quivering greens

Of damp dock and grasses

Glinting in the lowering light

Of a large August sun

Is the silken sienna of a fallen deer.

Its redundant guts pulsating

Stuffed with milky white maggots

Tumbling through the rotting meat

Fattening up further with each gluttonous gulp -

Amassing strength to one day fly high.

Crows rive and stretch the spongy sinews

Exposing hard new bones,

Grown strong but let down

By the weakness of flesh and nerves.

In the liquefying underbelly

A warm heaving metropolis

Of gorging and crawling.

Everything desperate to grasp

Some precious moments of life

Amid this perfect putrefaction...

(c) Barry Hall

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