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Poems from 'Transcapes' Transcapes

Updated: Jun 28


I am still.

Clouds and memories

Drift from one side

To the other.

I catch murmuring in the leaves

And distant laughter.

I see ghosts and discarnate smiles

Vying for my attention,

Rose tinted faces revolving

Like faded reflections,

Half forgotten

Half barely


And yet I am still.

I watch a kaleidoscope

Of everything that

Was, is and will be …

…Minutes and millennia

Winter and spring

Failure and success

Waking and dreaming

Summer and autumn

Elation and rage

Terror and pleasure

Youth and old age.

All Comingandgoing


In a collage

Of sepia and


Still I am still.

Birds fly South

And the sun goes


Walls and wires

Head this way and that,

Yet I am never at

The beginning

Or the end.

Everything transits

Through here to


When I am still,

Everything around me

Moves faster,



Faster still.

Am I still?

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